21 February 2010

Winter and summer

Looking at these pairs of pictures of the same scenes, one taken in winter and the other in summer, it's interesting to see that some things are revealed and others are hidden. These are the Devil's Stairs in the Old Town.

This is the Castle Hill (Linnanmäki / Borgbacken), where the castle by the river that gave Porvoo its Swedish name Borgå was built.

This is the Porvoo river, Porvoon joki / Borgå å.

The Cathedral from the Old Bridge.

The Cathedral and the Old Town across the river.


  1. What great comparison shots! I love how the fallen tree leaves reveal the buildings behind them.

  2. Oh my! What great photos! I can't get over the river shots. We just don't experience cold like that. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the photos. I notice tire tracks on the river - are the rivers really frozen solid? We have not experienced a winter like that since the early 1980s.

  4. You can really see a lot more of the buildings in the winter without the leaves in the trees. On the other hand, the snow hides the rock formations and the cobble stones the streets are made of, which is a big part of the charm of the Old Town.
    You can walk or ski on the river or drive scooters. I don't think they drive cars on the river. There used to be ice roads way back when you had to take a ferry to get to the islands, but I don't think they bother with them anymore since there are bridges to all the bigger islands with year around inhabitants.


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