29 August 2010


The last weeks have been noticeable colder and more rainy. We're clearly moving towards autumn. After a hot and dry summer that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'm looking forward to seeing some beautiful fall colors!

We've been celebrating Ronja's 11th birthday all weekend: On Saturday we had the house full of her friends, which was very noisy and and a lot of fun! Today we had some relatives here celebrating.

Last but not least: Please drop by the Beads of Clay Blog to read the interview MaryAnn Carroll posted. She did a great job - if I say so myself!

27 August 2010

Suomenlinna part 2

Because Suomenlinna is an old fortress, there are several old cannons to climb on. I think Ronja and Mirja tried them all! There are also lots of tunnels to explore, which was quite an adventure since some of the tunnels are completely dark and of course we forgot to take our flashlight... We had a lot of fun!

The King's Gate is the symbol of Suomenlinna.

Several artisans have studios in Suomenlinna and they sell their work in their shop.

The Market Square and the Helsinki Cathedral from the boat.

You can find more info about Suomenlinna here.

24 August 2010

Suomenlinna part 1

On one of the last days of our vacation we took the ferry to Suomenlinna from the Market Square in Helsinki.

Suomenlinna is an old sea fortress built during the Swedish era. It's on the UNESCO World Heritage list and it's absolutely wonderful in the summer.