26 April 2011

Easter mood

Porcelain tea light holders from Wapa Studio.

Clay hedgie and owl from ALD Designs.

I added a few other things too and it looks like this:

Mirja made these bunnies.

She also made this tablecloth in school.

This is the tablecloth Ronja made several years ago.

Spring is here!

22 April 2011

Happy Easter!

The girls didn't have school yesterday and we decided to do something fun.

We found out that hubby had double booked the dentist and time to apply
for a passport for Ronja. Our fun day started with waiting for three hours 
at the police station. It wasn't fun, but at least she'll get her passport.
She's going to Greece with her grandparents in May.

The girls wanted to go to the movies. After buying our tickets we enjoyed
sandwiches and muffins. We went to see Rio (in 3D). The girls loved it!
After the movie we walked around in the Botanic Garden for a while.
The day ended much better than it started! 

Happy Easter!