30 October 2014


These dahlias were blooming at Korkeasaari,
Helsinki Zoo, 30.8.2014.

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28 October 2014

Mute swans

Mute swans, Töölönlahti,
Helsinki 24.10.2014.

I hadn't seen the swan family for a
couple of months. Sadly the family
had lost one cygnet since then.

We had a few cold days last week.
We got a little snow and there was
some ice along the shore. Now it's
 almost 15 degrees Celsius warmer again.

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Peonies II

Peonies 29.5.2012.

Old photos that haven't been published before.

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27 October 2014


Cattail in Porvoo 17.10.2014.

Typha is a genus of about 30 species mostly
in the Northern Hemisphere in wetland habitats.
These plants have many common names.
In Brittish English they're called bulrush
or reedmace. In American English they're
called cattail, catninetail or corn dog grass.
In Austrailia they're known as cumbungi or
bulrush, in Canada as bulrush or cattail and
in New Zealand as raupo. (Source: Wikipedia)

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25 October 2014

Herring gull

A juvenile herring gull in the Market Square
in Helsinki 7.10.2014.

I saw this bird during the traditional
Baltic Herring Fair which was held in the
Market Square for the 272nd time in 2014.
If you want to see more photos from the fair you
can find them in my Wordless Wednesday post.

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