20 May 2018

Ducklings and a woodpecker

We saw the first ducklings this spring
in Suomenoja this morning: goldeneyes.

Espoonlahti: no cows yet, but we found a
great spotted woodpecker.

Double anemone in our garden.

Wood sorrel

19 May 2018

A walk in Margareteberg


Thrush Nightingale


The nightingales were having a concert
today in Margareteberg. The scent of the
bird cherries and the lily of the valleys
was divine. The apple blossoms are
gorgeous at the moment. 

15 May 2018

Evening walk

We're having a really warm week.
The magnolia and the bird cherry are blooming,
but the cherries have faded already.
The wigeons were sitting on a plank
in the small pond in the park.
Margareteberg 15.5.2018.