28 February 2015

Mute swans

Mute swans in Helsinki 11.3.2014.

Some photos from last spring when the family
of mute swans returned after the winter away.
There was still ice on the bay and the swans
had to share the open water with the ducks.

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Patagonian mara

The mara is a rabbit-like animal from Argentina.
Maras mate for life. There are two pairs at Korkeasaari.
One of the pairs had two young ones.

Helsinki Zoo, 30.8.2014.

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27 February 2015


Close up of a coneflower bud,
Margareteberg 30.7.2014.

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26 February 2015

Roses in the Winter Garden

I was asked what the Winter Garden is last week.
It is the greenhouse built in 1893 full of excotic
plants and flowers that don't grow in Finland.
It is also a gorgeous garden in front of the
greenhouse. There are lots of perennials like
peonies and daylilies, but most of all there
are many many roses that flower all summer
and all autumn until the frost comes.

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23 February 2015

Ice and water

Ice in the river in Bemböle 25.1.2015.

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21 February 2015


Female Eurasian wigeon resting on the ice,
Kaisaniemi, 11.3.2014.

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