28 November 2011

Gilbert and Stanley

"I met this little mushroom and his brother Stanley today. 
Gilbert was hanging out next to a old tree stump in the back yard. 
On my walk I almost stepped on the poor guy until he yelled out 
"Hey watch where you're stomping" Thank goodness he did!
Gilbert is sculpted from polymer clay and stands 3 3/4 inches high. 
He has glass eyes and mulberry paper on his cap. He is hand-painted."

"I met Stanley this morning on my walk,
(when I almost stepped on his brother Gilbert). 
This is all about Stanley the red capped mushroom. 
Stanely is the quiet one, he is very laid back never gets upset. 
Unless you almost step on Gilbert that is.
Stanley is sculpted from polymer clay, he stands 4 1/2 inches high. 
He has glass eyes and a white spotted mulberry paper cap. 
He is hand-painted and one of a kind."

Gilbert and Stanley came to me from Kim Matheny
They now live on my kitchen table.