31 July 2014


Waterlilies in the small lakes in the forest in
Nuuksio National Park 28.6.2014.

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Winged: bug

Some kind of shield bug,
Nuuksio national park 18.4.2014.

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29 July 2014

Bathing crows

These hooded crows were having a bath
in a puddle in the Esplanade Park in
Helsinki 11.6.2014.

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Blo-Ma: poppy

Poppies in the Botanic Garden
in Helsinki 11.6.2014.

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26 July 2014


Chaffinch in Laajalahti 7.6.2014.

The chaffinch is the most common breeding
bird in the south of Finland.

Critters: boa

We saw this beautiful boa in Prague 12.7.2014.
I got to scratch him behind his ears 
and take a few photos of him.

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