30 June 2011

An evening walk

We had a gorgeous sunny day today.
I visited the Botanic Garden after work.
I enjoyed my walk in the park very much.
As I was walking from the park to the railway station
I met others strolling around:

24 June 2011

Happy Midsummer!

I've been on vacation this week.
We were visiting my parents in Porvoo for a couple of days.
Ronja had her last football practices and games 
before the official summer break.
Mostly we've done as little as possible -
and enjoyed it very much!

For the first time in many years we will be
celebrating Midsummer at home just the four of us.
Enjoying food & drink, playing games,
being together.

Happy Midsummer everyone!

Here are some of the books I've read:

Moon Called vol. 1 
I don't usually read graphic novels, but I had to pick up
Moon Called simply because I love the Mercy Thompson
novels by Patricia Briggs so much. The next volume
should be out in October. I can't wait!

P.N. Elrod: The Vampire Files vol. 3
The Vampire Files volume 3 by P.N. Elrod includes
books 7 and 8 in her series about vampire P.I. Jack Fleming.
Good mysteries set in Chicago in 1937
with gangsters, girls, jazz and lots of action.

Full Moon City
Full Moon City is a short story collection of modern
werewolf tales.
Danger lurks in the heart of the city...
but not always where you expect it. 

The Gift of Love
The Gift of Love is a collection of romantic short
stories celebrating the love of family and how it impacts our lives.

Dragon's Lure
Dragon's Lure is a short story collection answering
everything you ever wanted to know about
dragons, but no one has survived to ask...
This was my favorite of the collections.
I enjoyed the stories very much.

Life, BBC 2009
I've also watched almost 10 hours worth
of amazing nature documentaries.
Perfect for rainy days.