03 August 2010

Helsinki Zoo

Another hot day when we visited Korkeasaari / Högholmen, the Helsinki Zoo yesterday. Most of the cats were hiding and those that weren't, were pretty flat... This is one of the two Siberian tigers or Amur tigers.

The wolverine kept cool by swimming in the pond.

Brown bear, he's looking for the hidden carrots.

Kulans or Asian wild donkeys.

Wisents or European bisons.

Przewalski's wild horses.


Sand art, a whale and a beetle holding Planet Earth.

Short-eared elephant-shrew, can't get much cuter than this!

The dwarf mongooses were sleeping in a big pile. Too hot for playing!

Green basilisk lizzard.

Asian lion, he's temporarily a little more alert than the tiger...

For more info, go here.

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