21 February 2010

A weekend in Porvoo

We went to Porvoo this weekend to celebrate my mum's birthday. It was very cold (almost -20 C) on Saturday and really windy. I decided to go and take some pictures anyway because it was sunny and the weather forecast promised more snow on Sunday. The shops were already closed and there were very few people out anywhere. Quite a contrast to the masses of tourists strolling around in the summer.


  1. Oh my, look at all of that snow. It is very beautiful though. But -20 C is so cold. Happy birthday to your mum!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, but I can't believe how cold it was for you!

  3. Thank you! I had lots of clothes on, but I felt kind of sorry for the wedding party at the church in their pretty dresses...

  4. These pictures are absolutely beautiful.


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