06 February 2010

10 things I love

10 things I love (not necessarily in any particular order):

Family: my girls, my husband, my mother and all the rest of them.

Friends: being together, talking and laughing about everything under the sun. Some of us oriental dancers started a darbuka group with Christer teaching. It has been a lot of fun!

Nature: taking long walks; listening to the wind in the trees, the birds singing, the sound of running water; looking at flowers, animals, colors, textures, everything!

Books: nature, history, art, beading, novels, short stories, can’t have too many books!

Beads: beads, jewelry, making jewelry, wearing jewelry, giving something you’ve made yourself as a gift.

Exercising: walking, jogging, swimming, going to the gym.

Music: the radio is always on in the car and at work, CDs at home – preferably LOUD!

Home: I love being at home relaxing doing as little as possible, which is mostly reading, beading, listening to music, watching movies. We built a hobby room in the attic last summer and I got my own beading corner!

Travelling: The best ever was our honeymoon in Rome, but Vienna, Cairo and St Petersburg were great too. I’m not really a lying on the beach kind of traveller. We’ve mostly travelled in Finland with the girls and then we’ve been to Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Events: I enjoy going to museums, fairs, expos, the circus, the theatre, the opera, the ballet. It’s easier to go now that the girls are bigger and they like going too.

I was considering chocolate too, but maybe that's for another list....
Have a good weekend!


  1. Gunilla, we love many of the same things. Especially, the books. They are definitely my weakness when it comes to spending. But you are right I think that you can not have too many. Your photos here are beautiful.

  2. We have SO much in common. I love almost everyone of those things too, including the chocolate!

  3. Hello Gunilla, it looks like we share a lot of interests. I like your photos - especially the photo with the red flower...Have a nice weekend...Inge


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