21 February 2010

Mum's flowers

Mum's orchids are incredibly beautiful. They are just gorgeous. How she manages to keep them all alive and in full bloom is something I'll never understand. I once tried an orchid and it didn't last long! I'm only good with plants that require minimum care.

I don't know the name of this flower, but I just love the orange colour!

This is a bromelia. I love the yellows and reds in this one too. Very pretty!


  1. I love orchids too and your mum's are gorgeous. I had orchids in Australia that were outside year round. They were easy for me there. Here, they just die on me.

  2. My sister-in-law loves orchids and has dozens of them. She brought them all with her when she moved in with us over a year and a half ago. From what I can tell, they thrive on neglect and monthly waterings/feedings. :)

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I'm with you I can't tend an orchid either but they are beautiful!

  4. I think mum carries them all to the kitchen sink to water them thoroughly and then she carries them back to their window again.


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