14 February 2010

Shrove Sunday and Friends' Day

Today was Shrove Sunday and Valentine's Day, although what we celebrate in Finland is more of Friends' Day, Ystävänpäivä. On Shrove Sunday we usually go to Glims. The girls love racing downhill in their pulks. Glims is also a Farmstead Museum where they organize work demonstrations like sheep-shearing and other tasks that used to be commonplace.

Traditional food on Shrove Sunday is pea soup with rye bread and milk. Another must is a bun with whipped cream and almond paste or strawberry jam.


  1. Hello Gunilla, it seems you and your family had a nice Shrove Sunday and also a wonderful Valentine's day. The pictures are very interesting. I would like to have a ride with one of the sledges above, that must be fun..Have a nice Valentine's day and also a wonderful week - Inge

  2. Hi Inge, we had a wonderful time! I only wish it would be possible to enjoy horse pulled sledges, but I haven't heard of anyone offering that. Have a good week! Gunilla


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