14 April 2013

Socks and books

I've knitted two pairs of socks for Ronja with this yarn.
The yarn is Novita Nalle Kukkaketo (flower meadow)
and this colour combo is called Kesäkimppu (summer bouquet).

I've read a lot. Here are two series
that are must reads for me:

I've had the Nightside books by Simon R. Green
in my to be read pile for a long time. I finally
read books four to eleven and I loved them!
Fun, fast paced and great characters.
You can find out more about his books here.

The Anna Strong books by Jeanne C. Stein
have also been in my to be read pile for ages.
Anna is a bounty hunter who is attacked
one night and wakes up a vampire.
Read more about Anna's adventures here.

I've done some spring cleaning this weekend.
I've packed up some clothes and
some books we don't need anymore.
I'm also going to give some magazines
to my girls old day care center.
They're always in need of things to craft with.
I hope you've all had a productive weekend.


  1. Wonderfully colorful socks!! Bet they're warm!

    1. Thanks Suzan! They are nice and warm, but not too thick. The yarn is 75% wool.

  2. I like those colorful, cozy socks!
    Have a great day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  3. I also want to have socks :-) Very nice.


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