06 April 2013

Dragonfly necklace


Ceramic pendant : Marla's Mud

Agate and howlite beads

Copper beads, chain and wire


  1. Such wonderful vivid colours, Gunilla. Very lovely :) - Vicki

  2. Hi Gunilla! I love how you combine all the colors in this bracelet; it's so lively and pleasing to the eye. I'm not really adventurous in picking out color so most of my bracelets have one or two colors in it. I just hope soon I learn how to be risky sometimes. :) Anyway, this is beautiful and maybe you can share some tips about this.

    -->Idaline Cirillo<--

    1. Hi Idaline, thank you so much! For this necklace i picked beads that matched the colours in the pendant. I don't think of myself as adventurous when it comes to combining colours. *Ü*

  3. The bracelet colors are splendid and very attractive. Colorful beads that complement each other makes a bracelet very awesome. If ever you're planning to sell your crafts, I can say that many bracelet lovers would be dying to have this one. :)


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