22 December 2010

The shortest day

The shortest day of the year and the last school day before the Christmas break. It's tradition for the schools here to go to church. Today I had the opportunity to go with Karamalmens skola to the Espoo Cathedral.

The church has been closed due to renovations and this was the first time I've visited after the reopening. Both my girls have been baptized here.

It was a beautiful service. The priest was great with the kids. The service was adapted for the kids and most of them behaved nicely - even if the priest had to tell some of the boys to be quiet and sit still...

The murals in the older parts of the church were painted in the 1510s. They show biblical scenes as well as daily life. At some point the old murals were covered because they were considered too crude and superstitious. During renovations in the 1930s they were uncovered again.

The altar 

The memorial for those who died in the war for their fatherland.


  1. Hello Gunila, this looks so nice. Unfortunately no more snow in our region of Germany. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. Enjoy your time. Greetings, Inge

  2. Thank you Inge, I wish you a peaceful and relaxing Christmas! Hugs, Gunilla


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