05 December 2010

Christmas gift for myself...2

Silver dragonfly charm earrings (animal spirit collection) - dragonfly breeze

In Japanese art and poetry the dragonfly symbolizes happiness and prosperity. These delicate creatures are able to see through illusion, and like the winds of change, offer the promise of wisdom through discovery and growth. With fluttering wings in the breeze, dragonflies allow for the authentic soul to emerge and celebrate the potential for enlightenment.

Silver tree charm earrings (nature inspired collection) - tree of life

Throughout history, trees have come to symbolize our sense of connection and feelings of belonging to this world. Strong branches radiating out towards the sky and determined roots reaching deep into the soil, trees are bridges connecting our physical realm to the spiritual. Daily trees care for our lives, providing shelter, protecting humans and animals from fearsome elements, and offering both beauty and sustenance. It is no wonder that many cultures have shared the tree as a metaphor for the female principle of regeneration and nourishment, where yearly we witness its grand opera of birth and decay. Along with this cyclical story, trees carry ancient wisdom concerning our bonds to this environment. Living beyond the mere lifespan of creatures, trees tell stories of wealth, tragedy, and fortitude. They are the keepers of the earth’s myth of creation, binding all families into one unifying and nurturing voice.

Beth Hemmila was having a -50% sale on some items in her Etsy store, Hint. I just had to get the earring pairs above, right?!?

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