26 December 2010

Ronja's scarf is ready!

I finished knitting Ronja's scarf today! She hasn't seen the finished scarf yet. (This photo is a little dark because I took it without flash, hopefully I'll get a better one later.) The girls are in Porvoo with my parents. I can't believe how quiet it is at home! 

This is my absolute favorite ornament: the Porvoo Cathedral. The snowmen are ceramic. Mirja has painted the lilac and white striped flower pot.

I love candles! This arrangement includes two porcelain nightlights from Wendy Jung.

This is what she says about them: Hand pierced nightlights inspired by sea forms. Made from off white matt porcelain. They give out a soft magical glow and cast tiny dancing lights when placed near walls. Each nightlight consists of a hand pierced dome which sits over a separate dish which the tea light sits on.


  1. Hello Gunilla, the scarf is very nice. I am sure Ronja will love it. I am knitting a scarf also. But this scarf is for myself. I am having problems with the pattern. I will see...Have a good week, Greetings Inge

  2. Thank you Inge and good luck with your pattern! I've already started on another scarf, this one's for Mirja. You have a good week too! Hugs, Gunilla


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