11 December 2010

Lucia celebration

Part of Karamalmens skola 5A & 5B

Ronja (in the middle with light blue shoes)

Lucia or St. Lucy's Day is celebrated on December 13th, she is believed to have been a Sicilian saint, one of the few saints celebrated in Finland.

Lucia is a  tradition mainly among the Swedish speaking population in Finland. The Lucia of Finland is crowned in the Helsinki Cathedral, but almost every town with Swedish speaking population has its own Lucia.

Lucia is also celebrated in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Latvia, Estonia and some other countries.

The traditional Santa Lucia is sung while entering. Sometimes the Lucia legend is read. After that some Christmas carols are sung. Usually Santa Lucia is sung again while going out.

They were great! They have several performances next week. The main event is the Christmas celebration at their school on Wednesday.


  1. Thank you Kristie! Ronjas group had four performances yesterday and she said everything went really well and they had a great time.


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