26 October 2010

Sunny cold Saturday

We had a fabulous cold Saturday morning. It was so pretty while it lasted!

I went shopping with Ronja while Mirja had swimming-school. She also wanted to see the Buddy Bears.


Here's Ronja with Buddy Bear Finland.


My husband's interested in model railways. This weekend there was a model railway happening and of course we had to go there.

My favorite was this model with lights and autumn colors. They'd even found a darker corner for it and it was really pretty! The details were amazing!


  1. Woah - those train sets are remarkable! I could sit for hours and look at all the work people put into those… What beautiful paintings people can do on those bears… And the architecture of the buildings… Beautiful craftsmanship!

  2. Thanks Marsha! The details on the train sets are incredible, you always find new things to admire about them! The Bears have left Helsinki, I'm not sure where they were going next.


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