23 October 2010

More Buddy Bears

We're celebrating Mirja's birthday tomorrow. I really should be cleaning and baking. It's more fun to post more pictures of the Buddy Bears. The details on some of them are amazing. You're always discovering new things to admire.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Those are just amazing! I've seen a few cows in Texas done up, and crabs here in Maryland, but NEVER this many of anything! How incredibly terrific!

  2. Hello Gunila, I have never seen these bears. I am looking forward to see some more pictures. My favorite is the mosaic bear. I hope Mirja have a wonderful birthday. Happy birthday to her and my her wishes come true. Have a nice day and a sunny week, Inge

  3. Thank you so much Lori and Inge!

    Mirja's birthday party was a lot of fun, but a bunch of 8-year olds are very noisy! The girls had a good time and Mirja got a lot of the girly things she'd wished for.


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