10 October 2010

The last flowers

First weekend without any football for quite some time! Ronja had school on Saturday and the rest of us went swimming. Today we went walking in the forest. We sat by a small lake and ate sandwiches and had something warm to drink. Wonderful! We used to do this a lot more before football started taking up so much of our time. I'll show some photos later.

I finally made some new jewelry this weekend. No pictures of the new pieces to show you yet. I'm pretty pleased with how the pieces turned out.

I've read a couple of books, both were a lot of fun:
  • Tate Hallaway: Honeymoon of the Dead (the fifth and last book about Garnet Lacey, of course her honeymoon didn't quite go according to plans!)
  • The Horror Writers Association Presents : Blood Lite (with short stories by Charlaine Harris, Kelley Armstrong, Jim Butcher...)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Stunning photos! Looks like the height of summer! Sounds like a lovely day. Finland looks so wonderfully sunny in all your pictures. Is it often like that? Looks like a gorgeous place. And of course any building older than 300 years is fascinating to most Americans.

  2. Thanks a lot! Finland definitely isn't always sunny - I just prefer to go out taking pictures when it's sunny!


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