17 April 2010

Spring flowers and air traffic

It's amazing how much everything has changed since last weekend! Most of the snow is gone, but there is still snow in the forests and on the northern slopes. Mirja and I were out walking today enjoying all the flowers.
Ronja went to Spain with my husband's parents early Thursday morning. They went to Nerja, near Malaga on Costa del Sol. Later on Thursday all air traffic was shut down in Finland and in most of Europe too. The reason is the cloud of volcanic ash coming with the wind from Iceland. The eruption of Eyjafjallajoekull can go on for weeks or months. People all over Europe are trying to get home by train or boat. The situation is chaotic. I won't panic yet, but I can't help worrying.

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  1. Crossing fingers the chaos disappears. So many gorgeous flowers!!


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