02 April 2010

Helsinki City Winter Garden

We went to the Helsinki City Winter Garden yesterday. The Garden was founded in 1893 and it includes over 200 different species of plants. There are palm trees, island pines and camellia trees that are over a hundred years old. The camellia trees are believed to be the oldest growing under glass in Europe. My favourite is the cactus room. The Garden will be closed after Easter for renovations for the next 18 months. Some of the plants will be moved elsewhere, some plants can't be saved.
We also went to Sea Life and the Helsinki University Botanic Garden. I'll show more pictures later. Today I'm going to Porvoo and the others are going to Lappeenranta.
Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Hello Gunilla, wonderful pictures. I hope spring will come to you soon. Have a happy Easter and a lots of fun, Inge


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