26 April 2010

Flowers and pets

We girls were out walking on Saturday. It was quite cold and windy. We even got some snow on Friday. There's still water everywhere. You can usually walk where they're canoeing in this picture!

On Sunday we went to the Pet Expo. There were lots of cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, mice and other small animals. We stood admiring the dogs and their trainers on the agility track for a while. The dogs really seemed to enjoy it! We don't have any pets right now, but we had dogs when I was little and I've had a guinea pig, budgies, fish and chinchillas. Sometimes I really miss having a pet.

There was also a Model Expo. I love looking at the train models with all their small details. Like these cows, they're really small and they're all hand painted and they look so real. Imagine how many hours it has taken to build this model! My husband bought some supplies for his project too.


  1. Agility is an amazing dog sport. Your spring blooms are so pretty.

  2. Your spring flowers really pretty. I had a guinea pig, too. I love them, the are so cute. And I am a great cat lover. I do not have any pets at the moment, too. Have a nice week, Inge


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