23 April 2010

She's home!

This is one of my favourite necklaces: resin donut, silk ribbon, freshwater pearls, silver bead caps and beads. There's no clasp on this one, you simply tie the ribbon in the back.

Sodalite nuggets, moonstone rondelles, silver flower, spacers and toggle.

A very simple necklace: sponge coral and silver spacers and toggle.

Carnelian nuggets, agate pendant, peridot rondelles, silver flower, spacers and toggle.

Our travellers got home early this morning! Their flight departed after 11 yesterday evening. They were lucky, they were only 12 hours late. They hadn't been able to sleep on the plane and they were very tired but very happy to be home. Quick hugs and they were off to bed. I'm so happy they're home!

I've only read two books in the past weeks:

  • Patricia Briggs: Silver Borne

  • Tate Hallaway: Dead If I Do

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hello Gunilla, I love your necklaces. Wonderful designs. The one with the silk ribbon - these are my favorit colours. And where did you find all those wonderful pedants? I am happy for you that your daughter is back home. Have a wonderful weekend, Inge

  2. Thank you so much Inge! I don't very often use reds, I usually favour orange and browns. The resin donut is from Fusion Beads, the silver flowers are from Thunderbird Supply and Maarian korupaja (I have several more...) and the coral pendant is from RupaB.

  3. Thank you Gunilla, I will visit their Etsy shop and have a look. I hope the snow is gone now and you have also wonderful spring weather. Have a nice week - Hugs, Inge

  4. Hi Inge, I don't think any of these are on Etsy, but you can find them by searching on Google. Hugs, Gunilla


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