12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!

We're going to Porvoo to celebrate with my mother.
See you all later!


  1. Wonderful Colors...and... Happy Mother´s Day :)

  2. Thank you ! the roses are gorgeous ! Mother day has changed ! When I was little, I made a gift for my mother(at school, lol)and she gave something to her mother and my father "celebrated" his mother, but that was all !
    Today I became the mother to everybody in the world including my supermarket who gave me a card !
    Poor women who are no mothers !

  3. Wunderschön.

    Auch für dich einen schönen Muttertag oder Sonntag.

    LG Mathilda ♥

  4. Ruusut ovat niin kauniita <3

  5. Am sure you had a great time with your mother! And you posted my number one favorite flower:)

  6. Congratulations on these beautiful roses, really incredible colors!


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