06 February 2011

Sunny Sunday afternoon

Ceramic pendant from Classic Bead. 
Copper green opal and small faceted carnelian rondelles. 
Czech glass flowers. 
Patinated copper beads from MissFickleMedia.
Copper and brass.

Most of the day was grey, but the afternoon was beautiful and sunny. We girls went on a short walk. Ronja hurt her knee in the icy school yard a couple of weeks ago and it still isn't quite well. There isn't anything wrong with her knee, it just takes a long time to heal. No football practice for her for a while yet. We had sauna after our walk and it felt heavenly!


  1. Your necklace is lovely and I really like the combination of art beads you used. So much snow! The tree photos are especially nice with the contrast of the branches against the deep blue sky. Hope Ronja's knee heels soon.

  2. I particularly love the picture of the bare twisty branches against the sky! Lovely :)

  3. Wonderful - your piece and your pics! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lovely necklace & thank you for sharing the photos. What a beautiful place you live in!

  5. Hello Gunilla, nice to see you are still enjoy making necklaces. I like the pedant - it reminds me of a Edelweiss.. Have a nice time and take care, Inge

  6. Thank you so much everyone! I love the bare branches against the sky too. I haven't been making that much jewelry lately, I'm kind of waiting for inspiration. Mostly I've been knitting. Ronja's knee is getting better, but she still can't play football. We were told it might take up to eight weeks for her knee to heel completely.


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