27 February 2011

New necklace & scarf

This ceramic focal was bought in Suomenlinna this summer. (You can find pics here.) 
The artist called it "the home of the Christmas fly" and it was meant to be a Christmas ornament.
To me it looks like a star fish. 

The other ingredients in this necklace are ceramic beads by MaryAnn Carroll, carved wood beads and copper.

I finished my scarf. There's no fringe on this one. It's the same color as Mirja's scarf. All three scarves are made of the same soft yarn called Novita Pop (70% acrylic, 30% wool).


  1. What a beautiful necklace Gunilla, I really love your style! :-)

  2. Sweet necklace! Wish I had just one bit of energy to knit...very pretty!

  3. Thank you so much Angela and Ingrid!


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