13 February 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

 Ronja made this birthday drawing, "To Granny, Happy Birthday".

 I made this necklace for my mom. She likes smaller jewelry.

 Ceramic pendant from Classic Bead, jasper, quartz, Italian onyx and brass.

 I used one of the treasure tins from Susan Faye as a gift box.

 Mirja made this card with hearts.

Yesterday we all went swimming as Mirja had swimming school. We went out for pizza afterwards. Delicious, definitely one of the best pizzas I've ever had.
Today we went to Porvoo to celebrate my mom's birthday. I had my knitting with me and I got a lot done while we sat talking. We had a really good time!
All in all we had a wonderful weekend!

Here's what I've read, traditional romance and fantasy. Patricia Briggs is one of my favorite authors. Masques is an updated version of her first book. The sequel, Wolfsbane, was her fourth book I think and it was never published until now. I started reading her books when I found the Mercy Thompson series, but I really enjoy her earlier books too.

Lori Foster: Bewitched

Patricia Briggs: Masques

Patricia Briggs: Wolfsbane


  1. Your mom is SO lucky to receive all these beautiful handmade treasures! Love the necklace.

  2. Thank you so much Shelby! Mom was very pleased with everything.

  3. I love a bit of romantic fantasy too - have you read any Charlaine Harris? She's my guilty pleasure - so fun!

  4. She's one of my favorite authors! I started with the Sookie books, but I like her old mysteries too.

  5. Yay! Two fans who can wave across the Baltic Sea ;-) I've only read the Sookie books so far, but will move on now...

  6. Waving back at you! The older books are traditional mysteries, "cozies" if you will, with no paranormal elements, but they're well worth reading.


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