03 May 2010

Treasuries on Etsy

This necklace is featured in a treasury by the Goblet called Sand and Sea. Check it out here! I really love this treasury. Maybe it's because we used to live on an island in Porvoo and the sea was so close. You had to take the ferry to get there even if it didn't take long to cross.

This necklace is featured in a treasury by Vietto called Greetings from Finland! You can find the treasury here. The doggie vase is so adorable!

The treasury has expired so I removed the link. Elukka's shop is here, go take a look!


  1. Beautiful as always Gunilla! The first necklace is my favourite...Vicki :)

  2. Congratulations - they are both adorable. Have a nice day, Inge

  3. Gorgeous stone on the top necklace, what is it?

  4. Thank you! The stone is sea sediment jasper. I've also seen it in other colors. I love the patterns!

  5. Beautiful work! I think that they are both incredibly creative! That second one must have take lots of time and patience....It's wonderful!

  6. Thank you Mary Ann! It was fun to make!


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