06 December 2009

Second Sunday in Advent and Independence Day

The weekend went by very quickly. Yesterday was all about football: Mirja had two games at a tournament (the girls won the first game 2-0 and lost the second 0-3) and Ronja had practice as usual. My husband is the coach for Ronja's team and he's helped a lot with Mirja's team too. Mirja has practice twice a week, Ronja three times a week and then there are games and tournaments in addition.

I finished "Divine Misdemeanors" by Laurell K. Hamilton on Friday. After that I couldn't decide what to read and I ended up rereading some of my favourite short stories instead. Today I picked up "Grave Secret" by Charlaine Harris.

December 6th is Finland's Independence Day. We celebrated by enjoying sauna, a good dinner and a couple of glasses of wine. We girls also watched the Independence Day Ball on telly.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

Pictures © Porvoo City Tourist Office

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