30 December 2009

My best Christmas gift

Look what my husband gave me! I got a shiatsu back and shoulder massager with heat. It's absolutely fantastic!

Yesterday we bought new skiing equipment for Ronja. She's grown so much that she can't use her old skis anymore. We don't have this much snow in the South of Finland every winter and it's not always possible to ski here. Usually the girls get to ski when they're in Lappeenranta with their grandparents. There's always lots of snow in Lappeenranta.

We also went to a hockey game. I haven't been to one in over 10 years... It was Blues from Espoo against SaiPa from Lappeenranta. The game was 2 - 2 after the third period and ended 2 - 3 when SaiPa made a goal on overtime. That made my husband a happy man!

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