11 December 2009

Christmas window

Mirja has been feverish for several days. We're not sure if it's H1N1 or not. So far there are no complications and hopefully there won't be any either.

I've cleaned out my jewelry boxes. I've taken apart a lot of old jewelry that I haven't worn for ages. I was embarrassed at how badly some of my first pieces were made. I guess you get more critical as your skills get better. I will probably have nightmares about some of the things I found...

The pictures are of the Christmas window at Stockmann in Helsinki. It's always a big event when it's revealed. One of the surest signs that it won't be long until Christmas.

Have a relaxing weekend!


  1. Hope everyone gets/stays healthy!
    What a beautiful Christmas display in the window, that will get me in the holiday spirit!

  2. The window displays are lovely. I especially like Father Christmas. Hope everyone is healthy with no nasty H1N1. Stay well.


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