06 August 2011

Second day in Oslo

Outside our hotel, waiting for the tram.
Buying tickets was an adventure in itself as you could only 
buy one ticket per credit card from the ticket machine.
The alternative was to have coins to pay with because 
the machine didn't accept paper money.
Luckily we found a ticket office!

Visiting Vigeland's Park

Gustav Vigeland lived between 1869 and 1943.
There are 212 sculptures in bronze and granite in the park,
totally 760 figures. Most of them are life-size.
The park opened in 1947.

Sinnataggen, the angry boy, is maybe the
most famous sculpture in the park.

In the afternoon when it started raining, we visited
the Oslo City Museum.
We learnt about the history of Oslo and saw some 
beautiful rooms with furniture from 1750-1790.

Fountain by the National Theatre.

Stortinget, the parliament.


  1. Thanks for taking us to Oslo:-) I do love to see more. I wish you and your family a nice summer holiday, Inge

  2. That park is amazing. I had not heard of it. Must learn more about it. Thank you for sharing these pictures.

  3. Amazing - thank you for giving us a great visual tour… Looks like perfect weather too!!!

  4. Thank you so much Inge, Mary and Marsha! Oslo is a wonderful city to visit. The park really is amazing - you never get tired of looking at the sculptures.


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