01 August 2011

First day in Oslo

Most of the most important institutions and attractions 
in Oslo are within walking distance from each other.
You would think you are somewhere in the South of Europe
when you see all the people walking about.

Akershus slott, Akershus Castle and Fortress

The building of the castle started in 1299
and it has been expanded several times.
Several of the halls are still used today for official 
receptions and dinners by the government.

The Castle Church

In front of Rådhuset, the City Hall

Bankettsalen, the Banquet Hall

The City Hall was drawn by architects Arnstein Arneberg
and Magnus Poulsson in 1918, 
but the actual building of the Hall lasted until 1947.
Some of the Nobel festivities are held here.

Slottet, the Royal Palace

Walking in the Palace garden

Nasjonalgalleriet, the National Gallery:

Vinternatt i Rondane by Harald Sohlberg

Skrik by Edvard Munch

Sculptures by Gustav Vigeland


  1. Thank you for sharing! What lovely blue sky, and old buildings full of character! Love the rustic flagstones, old whitewashed walls and dark beams. I envy you living near places with so much history! Where I live in the US, a building is "old" if it was built in 1901. bah!

  2. Thank you Keirsten, I'm glad you enjoyed the virtual trip!


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