12 November 2010

New lamps!

   Dandelion Clocks Lamp

I found these wonderful lamps from Hannah Nunn. This is what she says about them:

A lovely free standing table lamp with a pretty Cow Parsley / Dandelion Clocks design. All the little seeds are blowing away!

The design is laser cut from paper and then the paper is laminated for strength and durability.

It is 30 cm high and has a 13cm diameter (11.8" x 5.1").

All lamps are CE marked and safety tested.

It gives a lovely cosy glow!

They are gorgeous! I really love them - they are perfect for long dark winter evenings.

 Cow Parsley Lamp


  1. oh, i love paper lamps!! i've seen some really outstanding lamp "sculptures" in paper on Etsy. it's amazing what a warm color the light is that comes through there. these are simple and lovely. did you get one for your house?

  2. I got them both! They're a lot prettier than in the pictures, I really love them! Have a good weekend!

  3. Those are just beautiful! Unless I can hang paper lamps, though, I can't get them -- darned cats.

  4. I guess the cats would enjoy them a little too much!


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