13 June 2010

More jewelry

Ceramic pendant and charms from Marsha Neal Studio, ceramic beads from Summers Studio, lampwork from Jerri's Glass Art Beads, smoky quartz, moukaite, antique jasper, imperial jasper, brass beads and findings.

Ceramic pendant from Summers Studio, ceramic nuggets from MaryAnn Carroll, wood carved rounds, copper findings and chain.


  1. Gunilla, so you had a creative weekend. I love the wood carved rounds. And as ever, your pieces wonderful. Have a great week Inge

  2. Thank you Inge! I made these last weekend, but didn't have a chance to take pics until now.

  3. Gunilla, these are beautiful. I love your earthy colour combinations. So pleasing!

  4. Gunilla - the proportion and textures are wonderful!. Thank you for your sweet message on my blog today :) Vicki

  5. Thank you very much Lori, LeAnn and Vicki!


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