21 March 2010

Finally new jewelry

Ceramic components from Artisan Clay, lampwork from Kelley's Beads, dogtooth amethyst, copper beads and brass findings.

This is really the only jewelry I've made for quite some time. I like it a lot!

Mostly I've been reading:
  • Lori Foster: Back in Black
  • "Love Bites"
  • Kelley Armstrong: Living with the Dead
  • Anne Bishop: The Shadow Queen
  • Maria Lima: Blood Kin
  • Eileen Wilks: Tempting Danger / Mortal Danger
Have a good week!


  1. Gunilla, love it, too. The Beads are wonderfully wrapped..I am reading "The Hourglass" from Julie Parsons at the moment..Have a good week

  2. Thank you Inge! Checked out your book over at Fantastic Fiction. Sounds interesting! My to be read pile is enormous at the moment, but sounds like a promising author. You have a good week too!

  3. A lovely piece - the proportion and balance is so right - those ceramic piecesc are very nice too... vicki


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