16 March 2010

Enjoying the sun


  1. Hello Gunilla, lovely photos. At the moment I have off from work and therefore can enjoy the sunny days, also. have a nice week, Inge

  2. I love the photo of the golden horse. It looks as if he/she is wearing a wig! You still have snow on the ground - after our three blizzards in a row and very cold weather just 4 weeks ago, or was it only 3 weeks ago, we had a 75 degree today and yesterday!!!! It is incredible. Everyone is in awe of the day.

  3. Thank you Inge. Hope you had a nice week too!

    Hi Mary! We got several inches more snow this week. The nights have been cold (some nights -17 C) and the days mostly warm. The snow is wet and it's slowly melting, but we'll have snow for several weeks yet.


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