14 November 2009

Snow and Arabian rhythms

Most of the snow we got earlier melted away, but today we got a little new snow. I didn't get an opportunity to take any pictures because it's dark when I go to work and it's dark when I get home from work. It was pretty gloomy today too, even if it was in the middle of the day... This is the National Museum in Helsinki.

These pictures just go to show that what's on the ground is mostly ice with a little new snow on top.

The reason I went to Helsinki today was to participate in a darbuka workshop. I've tried once before and it's pretty difficult even though I've heard the rhythms before. I've danced Oriental dance (bellydance) for almost 15 years although not so much these last couple of years. The class was a lot of fun and our teacher, Christer Hackman, was great!


  1. Hello Gunilla, it sounds that you had fun attending the workshop. I also have some oriental dance experiences and had also some difficulties to adapt to the rhythms. Do you know "Guem et Zaka - Best of percussion"? I think this CD is very good. Thank you for joining me as an Follower.
    It is always a pleasure to follow your blog. Have a nice Sunday, Inge

  2. Hi Inge, I'm not familiar with that CD. I bought Christer's DVD with Arabian rhythms for darbuka and I have a CD called "Tabla Tastic!!" by Guy Schalom. He and Adam Warne, who also plays on the CD, have been to Finland. Adam has held workshops and they performed with us in a show we did. Take care, Gunilla


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