29 November 2009

First Sunday in Advent

I can't believe Christmas is only a few weeks away. I put up the first Christmas lights in our windows today. I've bought most of the gifts already. There won't be that many anymore because the girls are getting too old for toys. I'm looking forward to wrapping the gifts and sending the Christmas cards. I'm going to buy some flowers and a lot of candles and just take it easy and enjoy myself.
I haven't made any jewelry, but I've read a lot: the first four Harry Potter books, "Hunting Ground" by Patricia Briggs, "Strange Brew", "Must Love Hellhounds" and some other books. I started reading "Never After" today.

Have a good week!
Pictures © Porvoo City Tourist Office

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  1. Your twilight photos are beautiful. It must get dark quite early where you are. I love a good book so I think I may have to check out a couple on your list that I'm not familiar with. Hope your Advent and Christmas season is filled with joy.


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