04 March 2018

Baby, it's cold outside

The river is almost completely frozen over.
There's still enough open water for the
dipper to find food.
Bemböle, Espoo, 4.3.2018


  1. Upeat jääkuvat! Tietysti koskikara erityisenä "herkkuna"!

  2. Great shot of the Dipper. Winter is slowly losing its grip here. The ground is now bare - no snow at all and green shoots are coming up out of the ground.

  3. Wow !! I do not like winter but on your photos winter really looks beautiful!

  4. Beautiful shots. THanksfully our snow and cold seems to have gone for now, we are hopeless at dealing with it in the UK

  5. Wonderful photos,the ice shots are beautiful. The snow we had has now gone from around here though it did stop us going to Wales as slot of the roads around the place we visit are blocked

  6. Tierra, árboles, agua, y aves dominado por el frío y las curiosas formas del hielo.
    Un abrazo,

  7. Such magically beautiful photos ~ beauty there even if it is cold!

    Happy Week to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  8. Hi Gunilla,
    Differences between the Finnish and Dutch winter are enormous. With us no snow anymore, just a little bit of ice on some waters. It starts to feel like spring, flowers already showing up. You can still enjoy the beauty of icecrystals and the snowy landscape. And the dipper feels at ease, no longing for warmer places.
    Greetings, Kees

  9. Excellent photos, I love the Dipper, well done Gunilla.

  10. Awesome images! I know the cold gets old really fast but it does make for some fantastic photos!

  11. Dear Gunilla,
    great pictures of the frozen winter world!
    I hope you see now so fast as possible spring. :-)
    Have a nice weekend,
    greetings moni


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