08 August 2015

Visiting Germany

On a beautiful afternoon we drove our car on board
the Finnmaid. We enjoyed a very relaxing day on the ship.

Late in the evening we arrived in Travemünde.
The first thing we saw along the shore were lots of
wind turbines. They were everywhere in Germany.

We drove along the Autobahn towards our destination.
We saw grain and corn fields along the way,
lots of cows, some horses and a few deer.

We walked around in Münster for a while.
We enjoyed lunch and had a double espresso
and some delicious ice cream as well.

We visited Köln (Cologne). We saw the Kölner Dom
(the Cathedral) and did some shopping to keep our
teenagers happy. We had lunch in an Italian place.
They had a sofa made of the back half of an old Fiat.

Every little village had its own church. The church
bells started ringing at seven in the morning. They rang
twice at half past, once at a quarter to and a quarter past
and a little more at even hours. This photo is from Dieblich,
southwest of Koblenz on the  river Mosel.

We visited Burg Eltz (the Eltz Castle) The castle
has been owned by the same family for 850 years.
It hasn't been touched by any of the wars and remain
as it has been for centuries. We took the guided tour,
but photography was not allowed indoors.
For more info, please visit Burg Eltz.

The weather looked better when we were leaving the castle
and we decided to walk to the parking lot. It started
to rain before we reached our car and we left
very wet but very happy with our visit.

Enjoying sunny weather in Cochem. 

Porta Nigra in Trier. It was built by the Romans around 180 AD.

Hauptmarkt, the main market square in Trier.
Trier is the oldest city in Germany.

The Roman baths in Trier.

Lots of good food. Here a steak with chanterelles.

Coffee break in Trier.
"Forget love - fall in coffee!"

The Mosel region is known for its wines.
There are grapes growing on the sometimes
very steep slopes all along the Mosel valley.

The market square in Bernkastel.

We were going to visit Marburg, but it was
raining cats and dogs and it didn't look like it was going
to stop anytime soon. We took a break in Hannover
instead. We walked around a little and our
teenagers got to do some more shopping.

We grabbed a bite to eat and walked around in
Travemünde for a bit before we had to
check in for our return trip.

We spent a day on board the Finnstar
mostly sleeping and resting.

The next morning we arrived home
tired but very happy after our journey.


  1. What a lovely trip you enjoyed. I loved seing all the beautiful buildings and it was very interesing tht the Castle has been in the family for 850 years. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. I love the interesting architecture of those old German towns.

  3. what a great trip, freiburg im breisgau is always worth a visit ;-)
    happy weekend

  4. I like this kind of tours... you cann't see everything but you don't get bored either.
    Lovely places an beautiful photos!! Have a pleaceful weekend! :)

  5. Dear Gunilla,
    what a wonderful trip and what wonderful places you visited.
    Have a nice weekend,

    Thanks if you visit my blog

  6. Hi Gunilla,
    wow, this was a big round in Germany. Not even all places, but wonderful pick.
    Your photos are amazing and pretty !
    Best regards, Synnöve

  7. Så fin resa ni hade kram nette

  8. What a fantastic trip !! Gorgeous pictures !!
    Happy weekend !

  9. What a fun trip..Love the architecture and I'm a big fan of castles and their history..Thanks for sharing..

  10. the castle in the green hills is marvelous! the blue waters, too! very nice!

  11. What a great trip! Loved all the ancient castles. I visited Germany once and remember the Cochem castle and the Mosel River. Thanks for bringing back good memories.

  12. Oi, miten ihana matka ja upeat kuvat!!
    Mekin matkustimme Finnlinesilla, mutta vain Ruotsiin asti ja lähestyimme Saksaa paljon hitaammin.
    Vanhat linnat ja kirkot ovat sitten kiehtovia. Heinrich Böll -fanina olisin toivonut paljon lisää kuvia Kölnistä. :)
    Kaunista sunnuntaita ja mukavaa uutta viikkoa!

  13. What an incredible trip! Beautiful photos of such a beautiful place! My hubby took a Rhine River cruise about 35 years ago and brought back photos of some of the castles along the river. I would love to see that!

  14. such a beautiful place and that steak ain't bad either ;)

  15. Hi Gunilla, amazing trip to Germany. Great photos!

  16. What a wonderful journey! You brought back so many great memories to share with us!

  17. Så flotte bilder fra Tyskland! Jeg har vært der en gang, og husker godt alle kirkene overalt. Herlig med båtreise :)

  18. Wow, you have made a wonderful trip. Some of the places you visited brings back some pleasant memories for me !

  19. Looks like a wonderful trip! Thanks for leaving a comment on my granddaughter's post. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  20. A great trip you had! The buildings are so impressive!

  21. Hello Gunilla, what a wonderful trip to Germany. I love the views of the castles and the cathedral. Lovely memories and trip photos. Have a happy new week ahead!

  22. Hello Gunilla, thank you for sharing your trip to Germany with us! Love all the wonderful pictures!!

  23. Nice summary of your vacation trip. Germany is a beautiful country and a well oiled machine. Everything works smoothly and its affordable.

  24. Great picturestory! It looks so familiar for me ...

  25. What a fabulous trip you got to take and I love that you shared some of those photos with us. Takes me back to when I visited Germany many many years ago.

  26. Bonito paseo por Alemania.
    Un abrazo,

  27. Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful vacation, Gunilla!
    I can't fathom 850 years, except for that it is a very long time, without a mortgage :)
    Loved the various photos and your decision to "fall in coffee". I can appreciate the temptation :)
    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)


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