15 April 2012

A beautiful sunny day

We had a beautiful sunny day today.
I was home alone:
Mirja was at a weekend scout camp,
hubby and Ronja were at a football tournament.
I grabbed my camera and my rubber boots:
First I went to the Cathedral and then
I went for a walk along the river.
The snow is melting quickly now
and the water level is exceptionally high.


  1. Gunilla, it is always such a treat to get a peek into your world. Lovely, photos, lovely spring.

    1. Thank you so much LeAnn! All we need is a few warmer days for it to finally start getting green!

  2. Looks like your snow melt has filled the streams to the top! What a lovely place you live in! Thanks for sharing it with us! ~~Diane

    1. Thank you so much Diane! The snow is melting very quickly now and we have water everywhere.


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