24 March 2011

Butterfly necklace

This butterfly pendant in sponge coral and sterling silver is similar to 
the dragonfly pendant I used in a necklace some weeks ago.

I also used jasper in different shapes and sponge coral rounds, 
pewter fairy beads from Green Girl Studios,
silver plated rounds, pewter bead caps and a metal toggle.

These books are all by my absolute favorite authors at the moment!
Fantasy, magic, mystery, action and romance -
mix it all up and enjoy!

Shalador's Lady is a Black Jewels novel about a kind Queen who is trying to find 
the strength and courage within herself  to restore a land and a people who's
suffered greatly under cruel and corrupt Queens.

River Marked is a Mercy Thompson novel. Mercy is a coyote shifter going on her
honeymoon with her werewolf husband Adam. They're going camping but nothing 
goes according to plan. People are disappearing and it becomes clear that 
something ancient evil is lurking in the river.

Mercy Blade is a novel about Jane Yellowrock. She's a shape-shifting skinwalker and
a vampire killer and now she is working with security for the vampires.
Her life gets more complicated than usual when a pack of werewolves comes
into town.

Exit Strategy and Made to be Broken are both about Nadia. She is an ex-cop
nature lodge owner as well as a hitwoman with a conscience. She has to deal
with a serial killer and baby sellers and her own painful past. 

Anne Bishop: Shalador's Lady
Patricia Briggs: River Marked
Faith Hunter: Mercy Blade
Kelley Armstrong: Exit Strategy
Kelley Armstrong: Made to be Broken


  1. Gorgeous necklace. Love the colors and shapes.

  2. Thank you Mary! Have a great weekend!


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