10 January 2010

Winter pictures

Everything's back to normal: school has started, football practice has started, we threw out the Christmas tree and put away most of the Christmas decorations. I still need to loose a little weight, but I'm getting there!

Today I went for a long walk. I was out walking for over two hours with my camera. It was "only" about -13 C. It was kind of hazy and the other side of Lake Pitkäjärvi disappeared completely from view.

I took over 150 pictures! Of course I deleted some of them when I went through them. I'm very happy we live in the age of the digital camera! It's so much easier when you can just load the pictures to your computer and delete the pictures you don't want to save.

I love the Aurora Park and the small river that flows through it. It's a magical place!

We had a swan among all the ducks too. I haven't seen it before. People feed the birds in the park so I hope the swan will make it through the winter.

Next week is going to be super busy at work and I don't really want to thing about it at all. I hope the rest of you have a nice week!


  1. Your winter photos are stunningly beautiful! But oh so cold for your walk.

  2. Thank you LeAnn! It's been so much colder that it didn't feel too bad. A little cold on the hands because I could't take pictures with my gloves on.

  3. These photos just wonderful - thank you for sharing them with us.

  4. Thank you Inge! I've enjoyed your pictures too!


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