06 July 2015

Cute little frog

I found this cute little frog when I was out walking.
It sat very still in my hand while I took a few photos.
Tremanskärr nature trail 4.7.2015.

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04 July 2015

Hare in our yard

We had a hare in our yard early one morning.
First it was having a sand bath under the swings.
Then it started scratching and cleaning itself.
It must have seen me moving in the window,
because it looked right at me and jumped away.
These photos were taken through the
window and the blinds on 26.6.2015.

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29 June 2015


Blueberries, Luumäki 20.6.2015.

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27 June 2015

Small critters in the forest

Pearl-bordered fritillary?

Slow worm - ormslå - vaskitsa

The slow worm is not a snake but a limbless lizard.
It's about 25-40 cm long and eats snails and worms.

Green hairstreak?

Geotrupes stercorarius is a species of earth-boring dung beetle.

Critters seen on our walk in the forest,
19.6.2015 in Luumäki.

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