30 March 2015

Old acorn

Last year's acorn found among the old decaying
leaves, Margareteberg 15.3.2015.

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28 March 2015


Dipper in Bemböle 7.3.2015.

Wintering birds appear in Southern Finland in October–November,
and return to their breeding areas in March–April.
The birds encountered in Central and Southern Finland
during the winter probably breed in Norway or Sweden.

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A manul or Pallas's cat at Korkeasaari,
the Helsinki Zoo, 12.5.2012.

These photos were taken through glass.
The cat seemed very curious about the
people on the other side of the glass.

The manul is a small wild cat from the
grasslands and mountain steppes in Central
Asia. It's classified as near threatened.

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27 March 2015


Acorns in Margareteberg 30.7.2014.

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26 March 2015


The first snowdrops are braving the cold weather.
Margareteberg 15.3.2015.

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23 March 2015

Feathers and new growth

Someone had lunch on this tree stump.
There's only a few feathers left.

Crocuses coming up through last year's leaves.

Margareteberg 15.3.2015.

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21 March 2015

Eastern Finncattle

Eastern Finncattle hard at work at the
nature preserve in Espoonlahti 5.7.2014.
The Eastern Finncattle cows were recognized
as a separate breed in the 1890s.

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